Milling Barn Wedding Venue
We have a strong association with Milling Barn, where we provide a tractor and trailer service to transport guests to ceremonies in the outside space at Blunts Wood. This enables us to offer some additional options that we just cannot provide elsewhere.
This is what we can offer you
Help your guests find the venue

Locating your destination can be difficult when you are a long way from home. Over the years we have seen many different methods employed by couples to help their guests, who have traveled a distance and are not familiar with the area,  find the wedding venue.


Options such as signs or arrows are fine but you have find someone to set this up on the day and they are of no use if the wind then blows them over.


What you need is a big unmissable statement which shouts 


                        "You have arrived at the right place".


                       We have the ultimate solution for you. 

We have two tractors. Why not hire one of them to sit in front of the Oak tree by the roadside at the entrance to the venue?


Impossible to miss, obscure or blow over, the tractor makes the clearest possible statement to your guests that they are in the right place. You could also say in your wedding invitation to look for the tractor and even include a picture if you wish.

Hiring the tractor for 2  hours will cost you just £100. This will allow the tractor to be in place before your guests start to arrive whilst still leaving time for photographs after the ceremony 

Our tractors
1949 Grey Ferguson  TED tractor 
1956 Massy-Harris-Ferguson TEF tractor
The Wedding trailer
Whilst the main purpose of our wedding tractor and trailer is transporting guests to the outdoor ceremony venue at Blunts Wood, you do not need to get married in the woods to make use of it. 

You can have the trailer parked for pictures or perhaps use it to take you and/or selected guests (plus you your photographer) down to the woods for some more pictures during your drinks reception.
Cost will be dependent on requirements. Please ask for a bespoke quote.
Other large prop options for Milling Barn 
Milling Barn was a working Dairy Farm. As a nod to this heritage we can provide one or even both of our classic Ferguson TE20 tractors for static display, either alone or as part of a diorama with trailer and other props, such as milk churns.

If you would like to have a tractor for longer than 2 hours, you can have one tractor for up to 4 hours for £200 or we can offer you both tractors for £300

NOTE - You will in fact only pay £270 for the 2 tractors as a 10% discount will be triggered by this order. See below for details of our discount offer.
Small  farm trailer                                                             £35

6 assorted Milk Churns on a trailer                                  £100
 Saving up to  £31 over ordering separately

1 tractor with 6 assorted Milk Churns on a trailer           £240
Saving up to £91 over ordering separately  

2 tractors, one with 6 assorted Milk Churns on a trailer   £320 *
Saving up to £111 over ordering separately 

* NOTE - You will in fact only pay £288 as a 10% discount will be triggered by this order. See here for details -
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