Help your guests find the venue

Locating your destination can be difficult when you are a long way from home. Over the years we have seen many different methods employed by couples to help their guests, who have traveled a distance and are not familiar with the area,  find the wedding venue.


Options such as signs or arrows are fine but you have find someone to set this up on the day and they are of no use if the wind then blows them over.


What you need is a big unmissable statement which shouts 

"You have arrived at the right place"
We have the ultimate solution for you

We have two tractors. Why not hire one of them to sit in front of your Wedding venue?


Impossible to miss, obscure or blow over, the tractor makes the clearest possible statement to your guests that they are in the right place. You could also say in your wedding invitation to look for the tractor and even include a picture if you wish.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote if you are interested in hiring a tractor from us. We cannot give a price without venue details since, at a top speed of 15 miles per hour, there is a limit on the distance we can travel without putting the tractor onto a delivery trailer.

Our tractors
DSCF2059 (2).JPG
1949 Grey Ferguson  TED tractor 
1956 Massy-Harris-Ferguson TEF tractor
Trautner-613 (2).jpg