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LED lights
DSCF0043 (2).JPG
 LED Tea Lights
With or without glass containers (2 options)

£1 each tea light alone or £1.50 each with either container
76 square jars and 64 round ribbed jars available
A pair of LED Candles
Height 12.5 cm approx., Diameter 8 cm
£3 the pair 
DSCF0036 (2).JPG
Pairs of LED soft glow Candles
with dripping wax effect

Height 12.5 cm approx., Diameter 7.5 cm
£3 a pair. 5 pairs available
Set of 3 LED dancing flame Candles
Height 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 15 cm approx.,
Diameter 7.5 cm

£4.40 per set of 3. 6 sets available
DSCF0110 (2).JPG
Clear Glass Demi Johns with 20 bright light LED fairy lights
£6 each   12 available
Blue glass vase with lights and tinsel
Height 26cm, Neck 10cm 
£6 each with lights and tinsel 
£4 each empty  4 available
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