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Games Hire
Outdoor games have become very popular at weddings for children (and indeed adults) to play during quieter moments in the day. We have twelve games to choose from. You can hire a games package  or combine games with one of our Mini Golf Courses.  
What is included?
  • 3 hours playing time - which can be extended if required
  • A member of our staff present for the duration of the hire
The  Games
The  Scarecrow Games
The Scarecrow Games are a series of games that have a scarecrow theme to them.
Height 125cm 
Width    96cm
Ball in the Bucket
Height 125cm 
Width    82cm
Tin Can Alley
Height 125cm 
Width    96cm
Bean Bag Toss
Bean Bag Toss.JPG
Length 125cm 
Width     82cm
Crazy Ball Race
298174316_611048723864666_1560646110330708126_n (2).jpg
Height 154cm 
Width    66cm
Noughts and Crosses
Height 121cm 
Width    90cm
Shove Ha'penny
Shove Ha'penny.JPG
Length 74cm 
Width   42cm
Bar Billiards
Length 178cm 
Width   61cm
Connect Four
Height 110cm 
Width  117cm
Splat the Rat
Length 134cm 
Width     54cm
The game consists of 60 blocks
The game contains 28 giant domino pieces. Each one is 18 cm by 9cm
Table Top Games
We also have a range of table top games for use indoors, when the weather prevents outside activities or the venue space is more restricted. 10 different games can be hired  individually, as a package of 10 or combined with other larger games from our range. 
s-l1600 (11).jpg
tiddly cricket 1.jpg
Please contact us for more details on any of our products and services.
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