Large Props
Vintage Bakers Trade Bike 
The bike comes complete with  our "Welcome to our Wedding" sign within the price.  £35
Order it with a bespoke sign using words of your choice  £  - please ask
Vintage Sack Barrow
Barrow can come with plain hessian sack  £20 
White Rustic Step Ladder
The ladder comes with pink flowers and string to support table seating lists etc.
Height 1 metre 15cm
Depth when open 80cm
Step width 34cm
Step depth  9cm
Distance between steps approx 26cm
Small Milk Churn  
1 available without a lid
Height 38cm,
Diameter 22cm
Top lip 16cm 
White Rustic Step Ladder
This ladder can come with yellow and white flowers and green foliage if required
Height 1 metre 30cm
Depth when open 90cm
Step width 40cm
Step depth 7cm
Distance between steps approx 17cm
but 14 cm to top step.
Medium size French Milk Churn  
4 available - 2 with lids and 2 without
Height 48cm.  - 51cm with lid
Diameter  28cm
Top lip 17.5cm
£13 each
Medium size Milk Churn - Broad Diameter
1 available - with a lid
Height 54cm with lid
Diameter 36.5cm
Top lip 21.5cm
Large Reproduction Vintage Style Metal Galvanised Milk Churn 
Height 67cm
Diameter 34.5cm
Top :lip 18cm
3 available
£18 each
All 9 Milk Churns
Please note that most of the Milk Churns are very old  and no longer watertight
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