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Mobile Golf
Here is the fourth of our Golf Course options
Jurassic Golf Courses
The latest addition to our portfolio is a course that continues the crazy golf theme, but this time with a playing background from the time of the dinosaurs.

Each board measures 150 cm by 60 cm making the course ideal where the playing area is not so extensive. It can be hired  as a 6 hole course or the full 9 hole course. 
Course  hole 1
Course  hole 2
Course  hole 3
Course  hole 4
Course  hole 5
Course  hole 6
Course  hole 7
Course  hole 8
Course  hole 9
Hire options for the Crazy Golf, Jurassic and Famous Golf Courses only
We have 2 hire options for you. 
1. Supported
The standard booking time is for 3 hours playing time but this can be extended at additional cost.

We are present throughout the hire to hand out clubs and otherwise assist your guests with their playing.
2. Unsupported
We will deliver the course to your venue on the morning of the hire and collect it in the early evening of the same day or before sunset, whichever comes first. With this option we do not provide a member of staff to be present during the hire.

The basic cost is the same as for a 3 hour hire but you have the course for longer.
There may be an additional charge for travel to make two trips to your venue, depending on location. A refundable security deposit would be required with this option.
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